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LS Auto Specialty service technicians are certified and have years experince in all areas related to upgrading, installing, repairing, and trouble shooting performance and racing drive trains. Give us a call or text @ 716-866-LSAS (5727) for free consultaion on your project.


  • Engine installation.

  • Manual or Automatic Transmission rebuild & installation

  • Wiring harness, ECU, data and electronics installation and repair.

  • EFI fuel system installation.

  • Supercharger installation.

  • Turbocharger installation.

  • Intercooler installation.

  • CV joint repair and installation.

  • Cooling system repair and installation.

  • Oiling system repair and installation.

  • brakes repair & installation

  • Cylinder head service and replacement.

  • Engine block service and replacement.

  • Camshaft and crankshaft installation.

  • Electrical system trouble shooting.

  • custom performance Engine build.

  • body work & paint work

  • dyno tune avail


Please schedule an appointment for service @ 716-866-LSAS (5727)

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